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Additional Information on the Federal Legislative Agenda, 116th Congress (2019-2020)


Prevent US military intervention in Venezuela – YES

H.R.1004 was introduced to the House by Representative Cicilline of Rhode Island and has been co-sponsored by several Massachusetts Representatives. The Senate equivalent of this bill is S.J.Res.11 which was introduced by Senator Merkley of Oregon and is cosponsored by both Massachusetts Senators. These bills block funds for an intervention and prohibit the administration from taking military action in Venezuela without Congressional approval. Here is Rep. Cicilline’s press release on the bill. 

For more information on the ongoing crisis in Venezuela, refer to the links below:

Oppose Intervention in Venezuela, Support Diplomacy and Aid

“Venezuela’s Teachers and Students Skip School for Survival” by John Otis

“A Staggering Exodus: Millions of Venezuelans Are Leaving the Country, on Foot” by Nicholas Casey and Jenny Carolina Gonzalez

“Who Is Venezuela’s Legitimate President? A Messy Dispute, Explained” by Max Fisher

“Any US military intervention in Venezuela will be counterproductive” by Douglas A. Johnson and Kathryn Sikkink

What a Military Intervention in Venezuela Would Look Like” by Frank O. Mora 

Venezuela’s Collapse is the Worst Outside of War in Decades, Economists Say” by Anatoly Kurmanaev 

Five Things You Need to Know to Understand Venezuela’s Crisis” by Meghan Specia 

Here is a link to regular updates on the legislative status and cosponsorship of these bills. And this is a link to a page with more background information on Venezuela.