2019 Federal Legislative Agenda

Massachusetts Peace Action

Legislative Agenda – Federal – 2019


Directing the Removal of United States Armed Forces from Yemen

H.J.Res 37 (Khanna (D-CA)). Cosponsors: McGovern, Kennedy, Clark, Moulton, Pressley. Total: 96. Passed House 2/3/19, 248 – 177 with problematic amendments attached.

S.J.Res 7 (Sanders (D-VT)). Cosponsors: Warren, Markey.  Total: 19.  Passed the Senate 3/13/19, 54-46; passed the House 4/4/19 247-175; vetoed by President Trump 4/16/19; override attempt failed in Senate 5/2/19, 53-45.

Prevents US armed forces from cooperating in the Saudi/UAE war on Yemen (but allows them to continue fighting Al Qaeda in Yemen).

MAPA Position: YES

Click HERE for more information on this legislation.

Prohibit Security Assistance to Saudi Arabia

H.R. 643 (McGovern (D-MA)).  Cosponsors: Total: 29

Prohibits the U.S. from providing security assistance to the government of Saudi Arabia.

MAPA Position: YES

Yemen Refueling Prohibition Act

H.R. 910 (Lieu (D-CA)).  Cosponsors: Total: 2

Prohibits the use of funds to provide for in-flight refueling of Saudi or Saudi-led coalition aircraft conducting missions as part of the ongoing coalition intervention in Yemen.

MAPA Position: YES

Prevention of Unconstitutional War with Iran

HR. 2354 (Eshoo (D-CA)).  Cosponsors: McGovern.  Total: 29

S. 1039 (Udall (D-NM)). Cosponsors: Markey, Warren. Total: 17

MAPA Position: YES

Nuclear Disarmament

No First Use Policy

H.R.921 (Smith (D-WA)). Cosponsors: McGovern.  Total: 27

S.272 (Warren (D-MA)). Cosponsors: Markey. Total: 6

This act would declare that it is the policy of the U.S. not to use nuclear weapons first.

MAPA Position: YES

Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act

H.R.669 (Lieu (D-CA)). Cosponsors: McGovern, Clark. Total: 54

S.200 (Markey (D-MA)). Cosponsors: Warren. Total: 13

This legislation would prohibit the president from launching a nuclear first strike without a congressional declaration of war.

MAPA Position: YES   

Click HERE for more information on legislation to restrict US use of nuclear weapons.

Hold the Low-Yield Nuclear Explosives (LYNE) Act

HR.1086 (Lieu (D-CA)).  Cosponsors: McGovern.  Total: 30

S.401 (Markey (D-MA)).  Cosponsors: Warren. Total : 7

This legislation would prohibit the research and development, production, and deployment of the Trident D5 low-yield nuclear warhead.

MAPA Position: YES

Prevent spending on weapons banned by the INF Treaty

HR. 1249 (Gabbard (D-HI)) Cosponsors: McGovern.  Total: 7

S. 312 (Merkley (D-OR)).  Cosponsors: Warren, Markey.  Total: 12

President Trump announced February 1, 2019 that the US plans to withdraw from the Intermediate Nuclear Forces treaty with Russia.  The bill would prevent building missiles that would be banned by the treaty.

MAPA Position: YES

Back from the Brink – Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

H.Res.302 (McGovern (D-MA)) Cosponsors:  Total: 1

MAPA Position: YES


Palestinian Children in Israeli Military Detention

HR.2407 (McCollum (D-MN)).  Cosponsors:  None.

Prevent US funds from being used to detail Palestinian children in violation of UN standards.

MAP Position: YES

Increasing U.S. Economic and Military Support of Israel and Curbing the Right to Boycott

S.1 (Rubio (R-FL)). Cosponsors: Total : 12.   Passed the Senate Feb. 5, 2019, 77-23; both Massachusetts Senators voted No.

H.R.336 (McCaul (R-TX)) Cosponsors: Total: 30

These pieces of legislation would renew U.S. military aid to Israel and allow states to divest in those who boycott Israel.

MAPA Position: NO

Click HERE for more information on this legislation.

Opposing BDS and efforts to de-legitimize Israel

H.Res.246 (Schneider (D-IL)) Cosponsors: Total: 221, none from MA.

S.Res.120 (Cardin (D-MD)).  Cosponsors: Markey; Total: 36.

MAPA Position: NO


Formal End to the Korean War

H.Res 152 (Khanna (D-CA)) Cosponsors: 25

This resolution is a call for a  “Formal End to the Korean War” while also advocating for ongoing diplomacy. 

MAPA Position: YES

Keep Active U.S. Troops in Korea

HR.889 (Gallagher (R-WI)). Cosponsors: Total: 8

This legislation would limit the funds allocated to remove U.S. troops that are actively serving in the Republic of Korea.

MAPA Position: NO

Family Reunification

HR. 1771 (Meng (D-NY)).  Cosponsors: McGovern.  Total: 16.  MAPA Position: YES

Click HERE for more information on legislation to support diplomacy with Korea.


Prevent US military intervention in Venezuela

HR.1004 (Cicilline (D-RI)).  Cosponsors: McGovern, Moulton, Pressley, Keating, Trahan.  Total: 73

S.J.Res.11 (Merkley (D-OR).    Cosponsors: Markey.  Total: 5

These bill block funds for an intervention and prohibits the administration from taking military action without Congressional approval.

MAPA Position: YES

Click HERE for more information on this legislation.


War Powers

Repeal the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force

HR.1274 (Lee (D-CA)).   Cosponsors: McGovern, Clark, Pressley.  Total: 51

This Act would repeal the Authorization for Use of Military Force, enacted in Sept. 2001 as a “broad and open-ended authorization for the use of military force” and often used to by-pass congress’s approval in the mobilization of US military. 

Click HERE to see the Peace Action Policy Briefing on AUMF


Climate Change and Economic and Social Justice

Green New Deal

H.Res.109 (Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).  Cosponsors:  Lynch, Pressley, McGovern, Clark, Moulton, Keating, Trahan, Kennedy.  Total: 92

S.Res.59  (Markey (D-MA)).  Cosponsor:  Warren.   Total:  12

MAPA Position: YES

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