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U.S. CapitolMassachusetts Peace Action tracks legislation on peace issues.

See our federal legislative agenda, which lists key upcoming peace issues in Congress:

MAPA Key Legislation List 2019

Also, view additional infomation pages on the key bills in the 116th Congress:

Saudi Arabia and Yemen


Nuclear Disarmament 




War Powers

Climate Change

At the state level, we organize for the Commonwealth Peace and Justice Agenda

Contact your legislators about peace issues!

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See how your member of congress voted on peace issues.

2018: House of Representatives and Senate Combined Scorecard
2017: House of Representatives Scorecard
2016: House of Representatives and Senate Combined Scorecard
2015: House of Representatives Scorecard and Senate Scorecard
2014: House of Representatives Scorecard and Senate Scorecard
2013: House of Representatives Scorecard and Senate Scorecard