Israel’s Excessive Use of Force in Gaza: Letter to Congress

Israeli gunfire wounds 40 Palestinian protesters

Representatives of four Massachusetts advocacy organizations wrote to the state’s members of Congress May 16, calling on them to speak out against Israel’s use of excessive force against Palestinian protestors.

“It is painful to think that the 3.8 billion dollars the U.S. gives to Israel every year makes us complicit in this death and destruction. It also makes it a moral obligation for us to try to stop this deadly behavior by the Israeli government,” the authors said.

“[W]e call upon you to demand that Israel immediately stop firing on Palestinian demonstrators, and that an independent investigation be initiated into the deaths it has caused to date. In addition, we urge you to request the State Department to initiate an immediate investigation into the killing of Palestinian protestors in Gaza to determine if these killings involve the gross violation of human rights that would trigger a cut-off of military assistance under the Leahy Law,” the letter continued.

The letter was signed by representatives of Massachusetts Peace Action, the Alliance for Water Justice in Palestine, Jewish Voice for Peace, Boston, and Unitarian Universalists for Justice in the Middle East.  It was delivered by fax to the offices of the nine Massachusetts Congressional representatives.