Resources on the Iran Nuclear Deal

IranNuclearDealHere is a collection of resources that will help make the case that Congress should approve the Iran nuclear deal, announced in Vienna July 14, 2015.

Petition to Support the Iran Nuclear Agreement.   Download and circulate!

Massachusetts Peace Action statement: Diplomacy Triumphs as Historic Iran Deal Relaxes Mideast Tensions

National Peace Action Statement on Peace Agreement with Iran

Full Text of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action

White House: The Historic Deal that will Prevent Iran from Acquiring a Nuclear Weapon

Congressional Progressive Caucus Applauds Final P5+1 Nuclear Agreement

Congressman McGovern Calls Iran Deal Major Step Forward for American Diplomacy

Arms Control Association: An Effective, Verifiable Nuclear Deal with Iran (updated July 23)

Friends Committee on National Legislation’s Nuclear Calendar

Iran Has Signed a Historic Nuclear Deal — Now It’s Israel’s Turn, by Javad Zarif, foreign minister of Iran, July 31, 2015

Video on the Iran Deal, including releases by Global Zero, J Street, Paul Heroux, MAPA’s 7/14 rally, and more

Resource list assembled by Rethink Media:

  • Iran Top-lines (one-pager) – See here
  • Key Excerpts of JCPOA – See here 
  • Talking Points on JCPOA – See here
  • Iran Messaging Document – See here
  • Countering Opponent’s Messaging – See here
  • Factsheet on Additional Protocol – See here
  • Factsheet on Longevity of the Deal – See here
  • Factsheet Countering Opponents of a Deal – See here
  • Experts Support the Emerging Nuclear Deal with Iran – See here and online
  • Comprehensive Verification and Monitoring System Fact Sheet – See here
  • Fact-Checking AIPAC’s Statement – See here
  • AIPAC is wrong to reject Iran Deal via J Street – See here
  • Nuanced Views from Israel on the Iran Nuclear Deal via J Street – See here
  • Explainer: Deal and Sanctions timing – See here

Congressional Timeline of the Iran AgreementEx-security figures in Israel urge Netanyahu to accept Iran deal, work with U.S. _ Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Israeli Nuclear Experts APN – Jul30