Ihssane Leckey for Congress

Ihssane Leckey for Congress
Ihssane Leckey for Congress

Massachusetts Peace Action proudly endorses Ihssane Leckey for Congress in Massachusetts’s Fourth District, which runs from Brookline and Newton to Foxborough and Fall River.  The Fourth District seat will be vacated by Joe Kennedy III. Unlike the other candidates for the 4th district, Ihssane declared her candidacy before Kennedy announced he was vacating his House seat to run for Senate.

Leckey’s values and beliefs are closely aligned with Mass. Peace Action’s. She demonstrated her passion for and commitment to peace by attending many of our events, including two No War on Iran protests in January and our talk on “Climate Change, Pentagon Fuel Use, and the Costs of War” in February. She stands out from all of the other candidates with her views on foreign policy.  Read her Mass. Peace Action questionnaire here.

An immigrant, a survivor and a mother, Leckey understands firsthand the struggles of minorities and the marginalized. Her questionnaire indicates that she agrees with MAPA on the need for reducing nuclear weapons, peace talks to end the war in Korea, reinstatement of the Iran nuclear deal, stopping intervention in the Middle East, and ending arms sales to authoritarian governments. She is against the border wall and calls for fair pricing for DOD purchases and tighter regulations on Overseas Contingency Operations. She supports Universal Family Care, Medicare for All, and the Green New Deal.

Massachusetts CD4 MapIhssane came to the US as an immigrant. She is a survivor of sexual abuse and domestic violence. In fact, she was motivated to run for Congress after witnessing the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. In a Congress that is composed disproportionately of wealthy white males, it is crucial that we elect public servants who have faced and understand the hardships of our people, while reflecting the diversity of our society. Ihssane’s platform is centered on fighting on behalf of the most vulnerable among us: women, children, the elderly, the ill, the working-class, immigrants, minorities and more. These same groups have long been neglected or taken for granted by both Democrats and Republicans, and these groups are often viciously attacked by the current Trump administration. Ihssane’s politics of inclusion not only provide a necessary counterbalance to the politics of xenophobia and division, her theory of compassionate politics provides us hope for a brighter tomorrow.

One of the central themes of Ihssane’s campaign is the necessity to remove the corrupting influence of big-corporate money from our political system. As a former regulator of Wall Street banks, Ihssane understands the intersection between unregulated corporate greed, pathological militarism, an inhumane health care system, environmental pollution and degradation, climate change, and more. Unlike many in Congress, Ihssane is not beholden to large corporate donors. 

Ihssane Leckey has set herself apart from other candidates by having a deeper commitment to a human-rights based foreign policy. She is more aggressive when it comes to standing up against those who corrupt our system for personal gains, such as investment bankers and the politicians who accept their money. She has also set herself apart from the other candidates by announcing her candidacy against a powerful incumbent from a political dynasty, when he had not yet vacated his seat. This demonstrates she was motivated not by political expediency or careerism, but rather she is motivated by a commitment to her values. We must elect Ihssane so we can shift Congress from being beholden to the largest corporations to a Congress which is beholden to the people.

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