Funding for Education – or Nuclear Annihilation?

Massachusetts Peace Action and Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom launched a new petition yesterday calling on Congress to refuse funds for nuclear modernization and redirect the money to education, housing and the environment.

Download the petition today and gather signatures from your family, friends and co-workers!

“Funding for Education, Not Nuclear Annihilation” Petition 2014

The text reads:

President Obama’s Budget for FY2015 calls for a tsunami of spending on new nuclear weapons programs. The Congressional Budget Office has projected that these new programs would increase nuclear weapons spending to $355 billion over 10 years.  The budget would build new nuclear missiles, bombers, and submarines, and “life extension” for current nuclear weapons.

Shouldn’t we invest the money in our people instead? Let’s improve public education from preschool to college! Public housing in Massachusetts has a $1 billion backlog of needed repairs. Let’s build a green economy and save the environment.

Members of Congress: Please co-sponsor Senate bill S.2070 and House bill HR.4107, which call for significant reductions in nuclear weapons spending.