Action Alert:

Fukushima Crisis: Call to Protest at Japanese Consulate

Fukushima Cleanup Workers

Sheila Parks ( ) writes:

People in Japan have asked the world to hold vigils all over the planet at the Japanese Embassy or Consulate, if there is one in the city where you live. There is one in Boston.

In Japan the vigil is on the 11th of each month. We are intending to do one weekly, here in Boston, not sure what day or time yet. We are also not sure whether our first vigil will be Oct or November. Please, let Sheila Parks ( know if you are interested. Email and phone below.

Sheila is putting out a call for those who live in cities where there is a Consulate General Office of Japan to do something there, as often as possible – vigils, sit ins, flash mobs, etc. . legal or risking arrest. We all must act now to demand that Japan let international experts in to see what can be done re Fukushima. The situation is so dire now with Unit 4, thinkfeelbelieve more often would be better, starting ASAP. If you live in or know people who do in any of the cities listed below, please do the organizing there. It is urgent times we are living in, to put it mildly. Please share widely

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United States
Washington, D.C. (Embassy)
Atlanta (Consulate General)
Boston (Consulate General)
Chicago (Consulate General)
Denver (Consulate General)
Detroit (Consulate General)
Hagatna, Guam (Consulate General)
Honolulu (Consulate General)
Houston (Consulate General)
Los Angeles (Consulate General)
Miami (Consulate General)
Nashville (Consulate General)
New York (Consulate General)
San Francisco (Consulate General)
Seattle (Consulate General)
Anchorage (Consular Office)
Portland, Oregon (Consular Office)[2]
Saipan (Consular Office)

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