Action Alert:

Foreign Policy for All Working Group: 2015 Work Plan

  1. Goals:
    • Project a vision of a peaceful US foreign policy as a basis for MAPA’s ongoing work
    • Strengthen alliances and collaboration with other peace movement organizations in work on a common project
    • Build alliances with our sister progressive movements behind the framework
    • Strengthen MAPA’s ability to respond to individual foreign policy issues by reference to the larger framework
    • Engage our members in discussion and draw them closer to MAPA
    • Build an ongoing task force that addresses and analyzes foreign policy problems from a broad set of shared understandings
  2.  Steps
    • Draft a “Foreign Policy for All” paper and publish – on or about Oct 1, 2014
    • Hold a “Foreign Policy for All” conference – to discuss and improve the paper, build understanding and engagement, Nov 8, 2014
    • Discuss the paper – at a board meeting in Nov or Dec, 2014
    • Hold local meetings in several parts of the state to get feedback on the paper – Nov 2014 to Jan 2015
    • Edit and improve the paper based on feedback
    • Adopt the paper as a MAPA framework at the annual meeting in Feb 2015
    • Present the framework at national gatherings such as the “Peace and Planet” pre-NPT conference in April 2015 and the US Social Forum in June 2015