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Tax Day: A Time to Speak up for our Values

Sat April 11, 2015 @ 12:30 pm - 4:00 pm EDT

People's Budget / Budget for All

Whether we are working for decent jobs, affordable housing, racial justice, labor rights, sanity on climate change, protecting social security, education, health care, criminal justice reform, economic rights, fair taxes, an end to poverty and hunger, abolishing nuclear weapons or reducing the Pentagon budget – we all have a stake in the budget debates now going on in Washington.

This year, the prognosis in Washington is especially dire given that Republicans control both houses of Congress and are sharpening their knives to cut vital programs the country needs. At the same time both Congress and the President are calling for increasing the Pentagon budget and spending billions to upgrade our vast nuclear weapons capability. Meanwhile the highest income groups and corporate tax cheats merrily go there way instead of paying their fair share.

But there are voices everywhere in the country speaking up for common sense, peace, public programs that our families need, and a country we can be proud of. On Tax Day we will join our voices to theirs and insist on budget priorities and tax policies that match our values.

Join a protest rally at a corporate tax cheat at 12:30, followed by an indoor forum and speakout at 2:00 which will be addressed by citizen groups, ordinary people, and elected officials in support of a Budget for All!    Download the flyer! 

Tax Day Forum

Saturday, April 11, 2:00 pm

Old South Church

645 Boylston St, Boston


Mel King 
Jimmy Tingle 
Grace Ross
Sen. Jason Lewis
Sen. Jamie Eldridge
Rep. Jay Livingstone
Sen. Sal DiDomenico
Angela Canterbury, Council for a Livable World
Jill Stein, Green Rainbow Party
Joseph Gerson, American Friends Service Committee
Ed Woll, Mass. Sierra Club
Harris Gruman, SEIU State Political Director
Darrin Howell, 1199SEIU
Cleve Rea, Boston Homeless Solidarity
Rhonda Jackson, Mass. Alliance of HUD Tenants
Kathy Watkins, Cambridge Residents Alliance
Jonathan King, Professor of Biology, MIT; medical researcher and NIH grant recipient
Liz King, MoveOn Boston Council
Mary Regan, New England Tax Resistance
Jennifer Horsburgh, Divest Newton, Newton North High School
Mass. Senior Action
Mass. Jobs with Justice
Massachusetts Teachers Association
RaiseUp Massachusetts

and more

lunch will be served at the forum


Apple: Pay all your taxes like the rest of us!

Rally to Protest Corporate Tax Cheats

Saturday, April 11, 12:30 pm

Apple Store, 815 Boylston St. at Fairfield, Boston · Copley T



Apple Computer moves most of its profits into offshore tax havens so it doesn’t have to pay U.S. taxes on them. Apple avoids paying $44 billion in taxes on profits it has parked overseas over the years! Bank of America does the same. Other companies like Verizon and Citibank don’t pay any taxes at all! Imagine what all those billions and billions of dollars could do for mass transit, renewable energy, poverty alleviation, education, job creation! Instead, with all the money they save, they can buy elections. OK boys: Time to pay your share.

Sponsored by the Budget for All! Coalition


Sat April 11, 2015
12:30 pm - 4:00 pm EDT


Budget for All!


Old South Church
645 Boylston Street
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