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POSTPONED: Shout Heard Round the World Copy

April 16, 2018 @ 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

NC3 diagram

The Event has been Postponed Due to Inclement Weather.   Please Check Back for New Date


Or just a whisper at Hanscom Field as drums and fifes sound patriotic tunes elsewhere this coming Patriots Day?  It was clear in 1775 we had to remove the bonds of royal misrule.  At that time the problem was taxation without representation.  Today the problem is taxation for the profit of others with the threat of annihilation for all of us. The siren song of good jobs in every congressional district, the suppression of inconvenient truths in the name of national security, and the creation of fake enemies and threats now hold us in much worse bondage than King George ever could.

Without any vote on the matter, Lexington, Bedford, Lincoln, and Concord will become “ground zero” for activity essential to “modernization” campaign now being carried out by the U.S. military. Hanscom Air Force Base has been designated as the location of the Program Executive Office (PEO) for Nuclear Command, Control, and Communications (NC3).

Just when Paul Revere arrives in Lexington to sound the alarm at 1p, we will freeze in place for 2 minutes then walk from the Battle Green in Lexington to Hanscom, a 3 mile walk. This is a peaceful, nonviolent event with the opportunity for civil disobedience for willing participants. It is strongly suggested you attend a civil disobedience training first. Contact us or 617-354-2169 to sign up for the class on April 14th 10-12. It will be held at First Parish Bedford.

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Facebook event page here. If you’re not on Facebook please send us an email

What are we doing?

We will gather on the steps at First Parish Lexington at noon to pass flyers out to the crowd then freeze in place for 2 minutes at 12:58 to bring attention to how cold we will be during a nuclear winter and to honor those who participated in the nuclear freeze movement during the 1980s. We will be frozen for two minutes because the Doomsday Clock now reads 2 minutes to midnight. Then we will walk 3 miles to Hanscom where there will be speakers from the surrounding communities, religious leaders, and nuclear disarmament experts. Civil disobedience will occur after the talks are done. Shuttles will be following the walkers to provide transportation to those who cannot walk 3 miles and to bring walkers back to Lexington Center after the event finishes.

Why are we doing this?

This event is designed to raise awareness in the communities around Hanscom of how dangerous and immoral nuclear weapons are. We also endeavor to bring to light how detrimental the $1trillion+ nuclear escalation will be to our communities as it will starve social programs like Medicare, SNAP, Meals on Wheels and deprive the nation of needed programs like single payer, free college, infrastructure upgrades, and expanded MTBA service for the Boston area.

Read a presentation on the Nuclear Command, Control and Communications Integration Directorate (NC3) and MassDevelopment’s press release touting it.

Parking and Transportation

Need a ride? Join our carpool! There are also people coming from the North Shore who are willing to carpool from Beverly Station and those coming from Cambridge who will pick you up at Alewife. Contact Michelle if you need a ride from Beverly or Alewife

Parking will be tricky in Lexington. Please arrive early to find adequate parking. MBTA buses 62 and 76 will run on a normal schedule that day.

Parking for Patriot's Day map of Lexington

Sponsored by Massachusetts Peace Action, Pax Christi, House of Peace, First Parish Bedford, and Peace Pagoda.



The image we used for our flyers is that of Paul Revere by NC Wyeth. Oil on canvas, it was painted in 1922. Collection of the Hill School, Pottstown, PA


Lexington Common National Historic Site
1875 Massachusetts Avenue
Lexington, MA United States
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