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End the Wars at Home and Abroad! Hands off Syria! Solidarity with Palestine!

April 15, 2018 @ 2:00 pm

National Day of Action

Trump has tweeted, “Russia get ready.”  He promises a missile attack on Syria.  Russia says it will shoot down any missiles and target their source.  The world is in danger.

We need to show our force in the streets as never before.  Our spring actions against the wars at home and abroad will be held at this time of great danger.  The U.S. is moving towards war in Syria, which could have terrible consequences for the people of Syria and put the U.S. in direct confrontation with Russia. 

Additionally, during this period, Israel has been shooting down unarmed Palestinian protesters as they protest with-in the borders of Gaza.  We in the U.S. have a special role to play in ending these massacres since it is US aid and political support for Israel, that enables the persecution of the Palestinian people

Please join the protest on Sunday at 2 PM at Herald Sq. 

See the actions taking place nationally at

Tweet with hashtag, #SpringAgainstWar on social media and join and share the Facebook event below.

New York:

The time is now to return to the street to make our voices heard. Join us on April 14-15 for united, nationally coordinated regional mobilizations to challenge the war makers and defend humanity. The future is in our hands.

End U.S. overt and covert wars, drone wars, sanction/embargo wars, and death squad assassination wars.

Close of all U.S. bases on foreign soil.  Dismantle all nuclear weapons.

Bring all U.S. troops home now. Self-determination not military intervention. U.S. hands off the Middle East, Africa, Asia and 

Latin America. End military aid to apartheid Israel. Self-determination for Palestine. The U.S. cannot be the cop of the world.

$Trillions for human needs… for jobs and social services, quality debt-free education and single payer health care. No to anti-union legislation.  For $15 and a Union Now.

Defend the environment against life-threatening fossil fuel-induced global warming.  For a just transition to a 100 percent clean, sustainable energy system at union wages for all displaced workers.   

No to white supremacy, police brutality/murder. End racist mass incarceration. Black Lives Matter

No human being is illegal. No to mass deportations. Yes to DACA and TPS (Temporary Protective Status)

The U.S. government and its leading Pentagon generals openly and repeatedly threatened nuclear war or massive military intervention against sovereign nations. Such is the case today with North Korea, Iran and Venezuela.  Simultaneously, U.S. military forces are at war in several nations including Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen,  and Somalia. Hundreds of U.S. military bases circle the globe in more than 170 foreign countries at the cost of $trillions while these same $trillions are subtracted from critical social programs at home. $Trillions in tax cuts and corporate bailouts are granted to the super rich while the war at home takes on virulent racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, Islamophobic and homophobic forms.  Join us!



April 15, 2018
2:00 pm
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Herald Square
34th Street & 6th Avenue
New York, NY
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