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Hiroshima-Nagasaki Peace Memorial

August 5, 2018 @ 7:30 pm - 8:45 pm

Hiroshima-Nagasaki Peace Memorial

Second annual peace memorial event with theater, music, and arts, to commemorate the 73rd anniversary of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, produced by Actors Refuge Repertory Theatre in collaboration with Night Song at First Church in Cambridge. Program consists of a theatrical presentation*, highlighted with hula kahikoHibakusha Monologue**, Message of Peace, music dedication and meditation and Paper Lantern Ceremony of Peace.***

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Hiroshima-Nagasaki Peace Memorial 2018

7:30pm, Sunday, August 5, 2018 (Door opens at 7:00pm)

First Church, 11 Garden St., Cambridge, MA

[7:15] Peace Bell Rings (Hiroshima a-bomb time in Japan)

Live Streaming from NYC peace gathering

[7:30pm] Opening Remarks: Mariko Kanto. producer

Earth Healers*

(theatrical presentation, written by Mariko Kanto / choreographed by Kelley Donovan)

In The Beginning

Earth’s Suffering – Apocalypse

On The Mend


Ahura Z Diliiza —- as Ranginui the Sky God

Nirakazi Diliiza —- as Hi’iaka Goddess and the Healer Of The Land

Sarah Infini Takagi   Miyako Tsubota Carolyn Jepsen  Jacqueline Wilkinson — as 4 Elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Air

Juri Ify Love —- as Girl at piano


Hibakusha Monologue**

(written by Mariko Kanto / guided by Christina Chan)

Roxanne Morse —- as Hibakusha Concert Pianist


Message Of Peace

TBA —- as Messenger

Written by Usama Ajjan, Teacher in Aleppo, Syria / Edited by Aeric Holbrook


Moment Of Silence


Music Dedication

Legend, written by V. Shelukov ft. Jaden Onwuakor, Trumpet solo

Blackbird, written by Paul McCartney ft. Jaden Onwuakor, Voice and Juri Love,  Piano

Inochi Wo Utaou (Sing Your Life), written by Juri Love / produced by Atsushi “A2C” Tanimura

Juri Love and Jaden Onwuakor, Voice

with Kids Sing, Chorus

Himari Ashina   Momone Ashina   Ayano Kita Bernstein  Aishani Dandu   Sree Dandu

Hiroki Kudara   Momoko Kudara  Alyssa Lee   Hannah Lee   Mimi Takeishi   Kokoro Tanimine


Music Meditation

Canticum Vespertinum from Night Song, a regular evening program at First Church in Cambridge

Gregorian Chant and Renaissance Motets


Paper Lantern Ceremony of Peace***

Sakura, traditional Japanese song —– Miyako Tsubota, Voice Solo

Piano Improvisation on Peace —– Sarah Infini Takagi, Piano


Screening of “Kenka – flower tribute” (Hiroshima 7Rivers Photography Club)


End of Program


Visual Artists

Iris Du Pont     Ikumi Kondo Mari Ishiko     Reiko Kita Bernstein Tewassa     Hiroshima 7Rivers Photograhy Club


w/ Timothy Chiu, technical director / Angie Ngyuen, lighting designer / Robert Zaccaria, event photographer / Ann Marie Laurendeau, MUA for “Hibakusha Monologue”


World Premiere

** World Premiere (fictional character)

*** You can make your own ‘messaged’ paper lantern for the ‘Paper Lantern Ceremony of Peace.”  We will use the 16.9 fl oz water bottle as a base, place a battery-operated tealight candle inside, and wrap it around with your messaged “letter-size” off-white/cream-colored paper.  How-To Video (paper lantern).  We will also have limited # of pre-made lanterns at the event.  

[Online Program will be up by August 1st; it will have the details of the program, artists’ bio, transcripts, photos and videos]

[Support this annual event: GoFundMe]

[Production Updates ]

We encourage you to register for your FREE Tickets so that you could receive IMPORTANT Messages. Looking forward to seeing you on August 5th!


Audience are invited to sing along the below chorus part 3x towards the end of the song:


Inochi Wo Utaou (Sing Your Life)

(written by Juri Love / produced by Atsushi “A2C” Tanimura)

????????????? ?????????????

Inochi wo utaou Koe wo awasenagara Inochi wo utaou yuuki wo mazenagara

(Let’s sing life with all our voices together. Let’s sing your life courageously)

??????????????? ??????????????

Kibou wo sutenai nowa taihen dakeredo tsuyoku ikinuite hoshii minna no tameni

(Hard to hold onto hope, but we want you to stay strong and pull through for everyone)

?????? ??????? ?????????????

Inochi wo tsunagou aiwo mazeawase Inochi wo tsunagou yume wo kakeawase

(Let’s connect life with love. Let’s connect life with dreams.)

??????????????? ????????????????

Kibou wo sutenai nowa taihen dakeredo tsuyoku ikinuite hoshii minna no tameni

(Feels like giving up on life, but we want you to be strong and live. Because we’re here for you.)


August 5, 2018
7:30 pm - 8:45 pm
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Actors Refuge Repertory Theatre


First Church in Cambridge, Congregational, UCC
11 Garden St
Cambridge, MA 02138 United States
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