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17th Annual Walk for a New Spring

March 14, 2018 - April 16, 2018

This is our 17th year of walking from winter to spring.  
The walk begins March 16th  in Leverett, MA at the Peace Pagoda.  We will spend two weeks visiting communities in Massachusetts, one week moving by foot/car to Washington, DC, the last week in DC and returning to the Boston/Lexington area to finish up our 32 day walk.  While in DC we will connect to Capital Hill through Congressman McGovern and celebrate the “Birth of the Buddha” at the DC Temple.  

We are now in a chaotic and unstable time internationally. The US, the only country to have used nuclear weapons, now believes it has the right to overtly threaten or use nuclear weapons at will. These are weapons that should never have been used and have deeply eroded a sense on moral code for humanity’s collective behavior. At the same time, an historic global achievement was reached in 2017: The UN treaty of the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. Although the US is the leading voice opposing this treaty, with a handful of countries following, the vast majority of the world is moving forward to close the door forever on nuclear
holocaust. Let us move inspired by the global community. Let us strive to bring local, state governments and institutions to comply with this treaty, thus bringing the moral pressure to the Federal government. Let us do all we can, finding all creative ways, to protect life on earth from nuclear war and all war.

In addition, the Poor Peoples Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival is uniting tens of thousands of people across the country to challenge the evils of systemic racism, poverty, the war economy, ecological devastation and the nations distorted morality.

For more information call 413-485-8469 or email Newenglandpeacepagoda@gmail.com Additional information will be available soon on our website, Newenglandpeacepagoda.org.

“If the US abandoned the idea of defending the nation through violence, machine force and warfare… instead shared its military budget with its own people in need and others around the world, the lives of all those people could be sustained… when the US can convert itself this way, then other countries would come to admire the US instead of fearing it. The way of thinking in which policies depend on force… have come to a deadlock here in US. When it reaches the ultimate deadlock that will be the beginning of change. Not a single penny is needed. Believe in others. Believe in the world… “  -Guruji’s Words

“Look at this human figure. Where can you find tools of killing on a human body? Human beings who were born with out tools for killing have now come to place the highest importance on the killing of others. That is the greatest failure of the modern civilization.” Most Venerable Nichidatsu Fujii – (1982)

“If King were alive today he would still be strongly urging us, through his words and deeds to battle the mindset that gives birth to these three evils. He would surely be joining hands with others to explore and search for new ways to overcome the three evils in both local communities and the international arena. Each of us must examine our beliefs and change our values by engaging in a process of dialog both within ourselves and with others.

”The goal of the struggle, even in the midst of injustice and oppression…is not simply to eliminate injustice and oppression, but to create a new reality… King began to speak… in terms of how we must create “the beloved community.” By this he meant that the ultimate goal of the nonviolent warrior is to create a situation in which enemies can become brothers and sisters, and new relationships are established.” -Dr. Vincent G. Harding, speaking of Dr King

The New England Peace Pagoda is a Buddhist community of Nipponzan Myohoji Japanese Buddhist Order.  The temple and pagoda is located in Leverett, MA.