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Donate to “Extremists for Peace” Music Video Project

Pat ScanlonWe have kicked off our “Extremists for Peace” Music Video Project and all the pieces are falling into place. We have had our first recording session two weeks ago and we will be back in the studio again tonight. I will be redoing the vocal and we will be doing any necessary fixes. About 40 – 50 people will be coming to the studio on Saturday, June 4th to sing the chorus. Veterans For Peace chapters from different regions of the country will be gathering to participate in the filming. Chuck Green our Emmy Award winning film-maker is busy starting to put the video together.
The hardest thing associated with this project is asking VFP chapters, members, allies and friends to help fund the project.
We have put together and launched a Kickstarter fundraising campaign to help with the costs of production. Please take a moment and view the short three and a half minute video and read the project description. Just click on the link below. 
I have never done a Kickstarter campaign before and to be quite honest I am more than a little nervous. If we do not reach our goal all the money pledged goes back to the donors. It is all or nothing. The project hangs in the balance. It is really up to all of us to make this happen. I hope you will join us. If everyone just chipped in a little we know this project will be a success.
Please help make this project a reality. There are a couple of things you can do to help. 
·      First –  If you are able, please make a generous donation to our Kickstarter Campaign. Every donation is “extremely” appreciated.
Please check out the gifts associated with donations on the site.
·      Second – Please send the Kickstarter link to all your email contacts.
·      Third – I think most important – Please post the Kickstarter link on your Facebook page and send to all your friends and ask them to help.
Thanks for your support.
Have a great day.