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Convergence: Developing a Policy Agenda

Report from Autumn Convergence workshop on developing a comprehensive Policy Agenda

5 participants (including 3 from DPP) plus paul shannon. Spent much of the time describing what a policy  agenda (versus an analysis of corporate capitalism) is, using the Budget for all agenda as an example  of public policies that unite several constituencies. Several people said they would work on such an agenda and re-work some possible public policy positions noted in the session. Paul needs the name and contact information of the people in the workshop that are on the sign up sheet that was given to roman.

An open invitation should extended to all convergence participants interested in working on a public policy agenda that begins to implement the vision and values that we started to develop at the convergence. This specific policy agenda would integrate the agendas of the climate movement, the peace movement, social justice and low income organizing efforts. Part of the process of developing such an agenda might involve town hall meetings or other forms of public discussion about what our common goals might be. Such an agenda might then serve as the basis of unity of any new collaboration, as the basis for a popular referendum at the ballot, as legislation, as the core message of a media campaign, etc.

— Paul Shannon (