Action Alert:

Climate change–write to Gov. Patrick

Dear friends,

            It would be great if you could write to Gov. Patrick that about implementing 3  important actions addressing climate change, BEFORE he leaves office next year.  These are things he can do without having to get any bills passed by the legislature.

            I’ve pasted a suggested text below, and also attached it.  For more information, go to

            It’s always the case that old-fashioned letters have more clout with officials than electronic petitions.  Also, add your address when you sign.

            If you have relevant expertise, do mention that in your letter.  For example, you may be an engineer, business person, educator etc. who specializes in fields like renewable energy and conservation.

            Also do encourage other neighbors , family and friends to write similar letters. And remind them: they should include their addresses!

            These letters should go out as soon as possible.

            Many thanks,



To Gov. Deval Patrick

State House, Room 280

Boston MA 02133

Dear Governor Patrick:

            We greatly appreciate your creative and persistent work in addressing the crisis of climate change. 

            Before you leave office, we urge you to build on this work, by taking the following actions. These are things you can accomplish on your own, with no need for approval from the legislature.  (They’re what 350MA calls the Deval Patrick Legacy Campaign, which we support.  350MA is a grassroots organization dedicated to addressing the climate crisis; it is linked to the national 

1.BAN THE WORST.  Promptly close  Massachusetts’ coal-fired power plants, and ensure a just transition for workers and communities at those plants.

2.BUILD ONLY THE BEST.  Ensure that all new electricity demand is met by conservation, efficiency and renewable energy.  Also ban the construction of new coal, oil, or natural-gas power plants, pipelines and export facilities.

3.MAKE POLLUTERS PAY.  Set up a multi-stakeholder group to figure out how Massachusetts can be the first state to implement a carbon tax, making the price of fossil fuels equal to the harm imposed by those fuels.  The carbon-tax revenue would be used to protect low-income and other vulnerable communities, and to ensure that our state’s businesses remain competitive.

            Sincerely yours,