Peace and Climate

Climate & Peace 2022 Work Plan

Working Group Name: Climate and Peace Executive Summary Militarism and war can be fatal to the profound international cooperation that is necessary to deal successfully with the climate emergency.   Further, war preparation and fighting do huge and lasting climate and other environmental damage.   […]

A group of young people marching marching down the street of Washington, DC, June 2021. Sunrise Movement/ Josh Yoder photo
Peace and Climate

The Necessity of Hope

by Nick Rabb As a younger person living in 2022, the world seems to be stacking the deck against me. Although I have privilege in many ways, my life has been marked by financial crises, a growing climate crisis, a global pandemic, senseless wars, and […]

Nuclear Disarmament

Twin Existential Threats

By Ira Helfand and Asha Asokan Today, the world lives in the shadow of two grave and deeply related existential threats. There is a growing awareness of the danger posed by the climate crisis and the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to limit […]