Middle East Wars

9/11 and “just war”

by Kathie Malley-Morrison As the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in the U.S. approaches, we suggest that you review the principles of just war described here by Dr. Michael Corgan. Then consider: Can the extremists who made the attacks in 2001 justify them based on just war […]

Malala Maiwand, one of 10 Afghan journalists killed in 2020. In addition to working as a TV and radio presenter, Maiwand was also an activist who advocated for the rights of Afghan women and children. AP photo
Middle East Wars

Afghanistan’s Tragedy

by Valentine Moghadam Originally published in Against the Current This background analysis and personal account by Professor Valentine Moghadam was written on May 27, 2021, before the precipitous August offensive and conquest of Afghanistan by the Taliban.  AFGHANISTAN HAS BEEN in a state of chaos […]