Cambridge City Council Opposes Oppressive Policies of Saudi Crown Prince

On April 2nd, 2018, Cambridge City Counselor Quinton Zondervan’s resolution on the Oppressive Policies of the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman was adopted. The resolution criticizes the violent and warmongering policies that Saudi Arabia has used during its war in Yemen. 

The resolution went on to admonish Saudi Arabia’s energy policies that literally fuel the conflict in Yemen, sectarian conflict in the Middle East, and terrorist groups around the world. Saudi Arabia continues to rely on selling oil as the basis for its economy, despite the clear and present danger of climate change to the entire planet, and uses the wealth it derives from oil sales to purchase weapons and wage war.

The City Council went on record in opposition to the oppressive policies of MbS and Saudi Arabia, stated its disappointment at the manner in which the visit was hidden by Harvard and MIT, and requested that copies of the resolution be delivered to the Presidents of both MIT and Harvard as well as MBS. 

Here is the link to the resolution:

Click here for a summary of MBS’s visit and what the actions that MAPA took in response to the Butcher of Yemen:

You can view our comments at the City “Meeting Portal” website by scrolling down to the April 2 Council Meeting and selecting the “Video” for that date.

Dan mcGloughlin speaks at 1:16 of the video to which james refers us. Gerry Bergman begins at 1:41

  Grif speaks at approx.: 57:55 mins.

  Shelagh, Paul and Dan speak (in that order) beginning at approx.: 1:06:00 mins.

  Gerry Bergman makes his entrance at approx.: 1:50:00 mins.