Boston Downwinders Work Plan 2017

Executive Summary:
We believe that nuclear energy and climate change are equal threats to earth’s survival and need to be addressed by a unified environmental movement. We educate and agitate for the immediate shut down and safe/responsible decommissioning of Pilgrim Nuclear Plant (rated among the 3 worst in the country and 35 air miles from Boston.) And we work to dispel misconceptions that nuclear power is a clean, safe alternative to fossil fuel and investigate connections between nuclear energy and nuclear weapons.

Long Range Policy Goal:
To shut down Pilgrim Nuclear Plant in a safe, sustainable, and timely manner and make sure that local/state governmental officials and environmental groups understand that nuclear power is not and will never be a safe, sustainable or peaceful alternative to fossil fuels.

Achievable Objectives for 2017:
– Educating and mobilizing the community on these issues via forums, films, lobbying, demonstrations and rallies.
– Forming and joining anti-nuclear contingents during national and statewide demonstrations.
– Growing our membership and and strengthening connections with other anti-nuclear and environmental groups in MAPA, Massachusetts and New England.

Activities planned in 2017 to further policy goal:
– Working closely to support the work of Cape Downwinders, Pilgrim Coalition, and other Cape & South Shore groups that have been highly active in their work to shut down Pilgrim. This includes attending rallies at the plant and State House, joining lobbying events, participating in meetings with the NRC and other regulatory agencies.
– Hosting educational forums and a film series
– Presenting our work to local groups involved with environmental justice
– Update flyers, petitions and signs for local events and demonstrations
– Develop a speakers list for outreach

Coalition work:
– Establish common ground with the MAPA’s Nuclear Weapons and Climate and Peace working groups and support one another’s work as much as possible.
– Share our work with local environmental and community groups
– Continue to support Cape Cod and South Shore anti-Pilgrim coalitions (see above).

Co-Conveners: Guntram Mueller and Paula Sharaga

How to Contact the Working Group? morethanpaula@gmail. com;

How is your group going to grow? Holding educational forums and film series. Meeting with local environmental groups, disseminating information, petitions, signs etc. at local events and demonstrations.