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Black Lives Matter Boston: Campaign 21

Black Lives Matter Boston Black Lives Matter Boston

Our Goal is 1000 Campaign21 monthly partners who sign-up for a recurring donation of at least $21.00 each month!

BLM Boston’s Campaign21 as our radical intervention that assists Black mothers, women, and families to access permanent housing. We also work to disrupt unjust, racist systemic housing practices in the Boston area, and advocate for quality, equitable, permanent housing as a human right for all.

Campaign21 makes up the difference for families who need financial assistance to enter permanent housing, and associated costs. We assist mothers and women leaving domestic violence to access safe, permanent housing, and work to connect all families to a network of cooperative resources, and self-advocating communities mobilizing to build political power in housing justice and self-determination.

Your financial gift of solidarity enables our agency to engage proactive, self-sustaining radical work.

BLM Boston has been receiving emergency requests for support from families who need minimal assistance to secure permanent, affordable, safe housing. And, many of these requests have been women with children fleeing domestic violence situations. At present, we have prioritized these cases and have need for a housing fund to support them and others who also are displaced. The goal is long-term versus temporary housing.

Donate here:

You can also write a check to One Square World and mail to Karlene Griffiths Sekou, 955 Massachusetts Avenue #175, Cambridge, MA 02139.