Beyond Boston

This article appeared in the Winter 2016 Massachusetts Peace Action Newsletter.

unnamed(20)ANewton Ballot question wins! The Boston Downwinders carried the message to shut down Pilgrim nuclear power plant now.  The question on the ballot was, “..shall Governor Charles Baker instruct the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to revoke the operating license of the 43-year old Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station, because the safety of the public cannot be assured?”  69% said yes. Congratulations Newton!

Watertown Citizens for Peace, Justice and the Environment held a vigil in Watertown Square welcoming all refugees to Massachusetts. On Jan. 31st an event sponsored by the Watertown Citizens Refugee Support Group will present the history and culture of Syria. Through personal stories, this event will strengthen connections and provide insights into the situation of Middle Eastern refugees and immigrants.

In Fall River, a dozen peace activists met at Government Center on Thursday December 10th to mark International Human Rights Day by showing their support for Syrian refugees.  Fall River was one of several U.S. cities that responded to a call by the Peace and Planet network to mark the occasion with a message of solidarity with Syrian refugees and against Islamophobia.

Metrowest Peace Action met with State Sen. Karen Spilka to discuss her upcoming trip to Israel and asked that she seek information on the conditions of Palestinians in the West Bank. They have a follow-up meeting with her on Jan. 29 and are meeting State Sen. Richard Ross on Feb. 16.

On January 26, Milton High School’s Amnesty International Club joined Milton for Peace to discuss the legality and morality of drone strikes. Kade Crockford of the ACLU said that President Obama’s targeted killing policy has overturned due process, Magna Carta, and centuries of law. BU professor and retired Col. Andrew Bacevich said there is little evidence US drone strikes destabilize targeted organizations; he urged the US not to attack ISIS militarily but contain it and do educational work to curtail recruitment.