Haiti Solidarity Rally, JFK Federal Bldg, Boston, March 29, 2021
Latin America

Haiti Solidarity Rally

by Yoav Elinevsky Today, on March 29, 2021, more than 30 activists and members of the Haitian community in Boston, protested US neo colonialism in Haiti . It was especially windy and chilly day, with wind blowing at 25 miles per hour but it did […]

A protest organized by the Latin America Solidarity Coalition of Western Mass. was held outside the Northampton office of Congressman Jim McGovern on Jan. 25, as part of an International Day of Action demanding an end to the war on Yemen.
Middle East Wars

Why a War in Yemen?

by Mary L. Wentworth and Yoav Elinevsky   The Saudis decided to enter an ongoing civil war in Yemen in 2015 for several reasons. The two countries share a long border at the southern end of their peninsula. The length of this border is matched […]

Latin America

A Message of Hope from Bolivia

The Movement for Socialism, MAS, Victory in Bolivia On October 18, Luis Arce, the candidate of former President Evo Morales’s political party, the MAS, appears to have won a decisive victory in Bolivia’s presidential elections. The results of the twice-postponed election were confirmed today. Carlos […]