No War with Iran rally, Boston, Jan 4 2020

“Impeach the Assassin!” – Anti-war Rally in Boston

Protests swept the US last week in response to the illegal assassination of Iran’s top military general Qassem Suleimani by the warmongering Trump administration. In Massachusetts, some 500 demonstrators marched in Boston on Saturday Jan. 4th and 300 gathered in Harvard Square, Cambridge on Thursday Jan. 9th to demand that the US stop threats and attacks on Iran, end sanctions, pull its troops out of Iraq and engage in diplomacy rather than aggression to resolve differences in the Middle East. These were two out of 11 actions that took place in communities across the Commonwealth. At least 375 protests involving more than 20,000 people erupted throughout the country, according to […]

Trump, Pompeo, and Bolton

Is War with Iran on the Horizon?

The Trump administration seems bent on regime change and war with Iran. Using harsh, hyperbolic and often absurd rhetoric, the Trump, Bolton, and Pompeo trio continue to tighten sanctions, deploy additional military forces, and threaten war. They have learned nothing from past US military blunders—not  […]

Valentine Moghadam at Cambridge/Boston Women's March 2018: The People Persist

Middle Eastern Women Need Peace

Remarks delivered at the Cambridge/Boston Women’s March: The People Persist, January 20, 2018 Greetings to all! I am here speaking on behalf of Massachusetts Peace Action and the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Boston branch. As a woman born in Iran, who has […]

Children of Yemen cowering in fear at bombing

Yemen: Time to End its Suffering

In February 2015, a Saudi-led coalition of Arab states launched a campaign of air strikes against Houthi targets that rapidly besieged the entire country of Yemen. The relentless bombardments since then have turned Yemen into one of the worst humanitarian crises of modern times. Seven […]