Announcing the Peace Zone Podcast

Peace Zone

What is Peace Zone?

Massachusetts Peace Action announces our exciting new podcast, PeaceZone!  PeaceZone allows you to listen to expert, interesting speakers who present news and views for peace and justice. PeaceZone podcasts are based on events sponsored by Massachusetts Peace Action.

Listen to Peace Zone using iTunes or Soundcloud, the Apple Podcasts app on your iPhone, or the Podcast and Radio Addict app on your Android phone. (Its RSS feed is:

A podcast is a sequence of audios file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or portable media player.   Each episode of Peace Zone will run anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour long. If you missed one of our events you may very well be able to catch a summary of it on Peace Zone. It is  great, effective, and free of cost to you! Listen to our experts from your phone or computer when it’s most convenient for you.  

The first two episodes contain Stephen Kinzer and Valentine Moghadam’s February 1 presentations on “Syria, ISIS, the Middle East, and the Next president”, and Chuck Collins’ presentation on “Building Sustainable Security” on November 21.

Calling all Peace Zone Listeners:

Peace Zone needs your support as listeners and as innovative thinkers. We would like to know what you would like to hear, and would also like to provide it  to you.  If you know of someone or know of an event that should be featured on Peace Zone, give us a call and we can arrange something.