WantedInternsMassachusetts Peace Action is seeking students, recent graduates, or young activists who want to help and want experience building political power for peace.  The time commitment is at least 10 hours a week for at least 10 weeks.  The internship is unpaid, but a $300 stipend is awarded on completion.   Our office is located near Harvard Square, Cambridge.   The internship experience works best for those that have flexible schedules and, while setting a regular schedule of hours in the office, can also sometimes attend evening and weekend programs and meetings.

Usual schedules:  Fall term - September to December; Spring term - February to May; Summer term - May to August each year.   Start and end dates are flexible as long as the time commitment is met.  

Choose from one of four specialties:


  • Post regularly to Facebook and Twitter about Peace Action’s projects, issues and ideas. Write e-alerts and keep web content updated. 
  • Photograph events and produce videos
  • Edit an issue of MAPA's newsletter
  • Write or edit news releases or articles about Peace Action projects
  • Contact mainstream media outlets to cover events and/or run our articles and releases

Legislative / Political

  • Update the Legislative Agenda and Legislative Scorecard to reflect current legislation, sponsorship and vote results
  • Write updates for our supporters on the legislative agenda; post updates on social media
  • Contact legislative offices to communicate about our issues
  • Contact Peace Action supporters who are constituents and ask them to contact legislative offices
  • If an election campaign is ongoing: distribute and collect campaign questionnaires, attend candidate events,  contact candidates about the issues, write up candidate comparison charts


  • Organize film screenings, talks, meetings, or petition campaigns on your campus, in your community, or as opportunity presents
  • Form a Peace Action chapter on your campus
  • Contact Peace Action supporters to activate volunteer networks

Research (usually appropriate for M.S. students)

  • Search public sources to find background information for our advocacy campaignsConnect with peace campaigners and researchers to share information and plan campaigns
    • Current topics include military-industrial contractors and installations
  • Write and present a report on your findings
  • Draft educational and promotional materials based on your research (e.g. fact sheet, slide deck)

Interns will do their work in the office and meet with staff and other interns.  Up to 25% of your time will be spent on general support work including staffing outreach tables, mailings, data entry, attending vigils and rallies, and general office tasks.

 You must demonstrate:

  • Your understanding of the global and domestic effects of U.S. militarism
  • Your commitment to grassroots organizing for progressive social change
  • Strong writing, analytical and interpersonal skills
  • You are a self-starter
  • Desire to work as part of a small team in a grassroots setting

Course Credit:

We are open to helping you do an internship that is part of a course that receives college credit.  Please make that clear and be sure to provide us with information on all the relevant requirements.

To apply, please submit a brief cover letter, resume, and short sample of your writing or (for commmunications) creative work to Cole Harrison, Executive Director ( Include in your cover letter an explanation of your interest and/or experience with peace and justice work and identify which specialty you prefer. Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis.