Thank you for helping us reach our $60,000 fundraising goal!

Massachusetts Peace Action - 60th Anniversary Featured Performers
Massachusetts Peace Action - 60th Anniversary Featured Performers

Thanks to your support, we made our 60th anniversary fundraising goal of $60,000!  We’re still counting, but as of January 4 we have received $60,366!

Sixty years ago, in November 1957, an ad appeared in The New York Times decrying nuclear weapons and nuclear fallout. That ad launched SANE: The Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy. Three decades later, other, younger activists launched the Nuclear Freeze Campaign. Eventually the two movements joined and became SANE/Freeze, which soon was renamed Peace Action.

With increasing support from growing numbers of peace advocates, Peace Action has survived and grown. Massachusetts Peace Action (MAPA) hosted an anniversary party on October 29th, and we hope you will be with us at this celebration. We will look back at the last 60 years and ahead toward the next 60, which will need a strong peace movement just as much.

Olimometer 2.52To make MAPA and its work more effective and its message of disarmament, diplomacy, justice and peace better known, we launched a drive to raise $60,000 for the MAPA Education Fund. At left, see our progress so far!


Although our 60th anniversary campaign is over, we still need your support.  Donate here;  All donations are 100% tax deductible!

We held a terrific 60th Anniversary event on October 29.   Read about it here and view the presentations!