Nuclear Disarmament

Nuclear Priorities in the Pandemic Era

by Steve Gallant Where should we focus our activist energies as the COVID-19 pandemic kills hundreds of thousands, and the Trump administration threatens to tear up nuclear treaties and to restart nuclear testing? First, let’s assess the dangers and their timelines. COVID-19 has killed 300,000 […]

Mushroom cloud of 'Gadget' over Trinity, seconds after detonation

Stop the Nuclear Arms Race!

by Jerry Ross Today we face the gravest risks to peace since the run-up to either of the World Wars, and certainly as great a danger of nuclear holocaust as the darkest days of the Cold War. Yet too many people deny the reality of […]

President Donald J. Trump, left, and Chinese President Xi Jinping . (Photo: Patrick Semansky,Liu Bin, AP)
No New Cold War

China, COVID-19, and the 2020 Presidential Election

by Duncan McFarland First published in the “CCDS Mobilizer” In 1950 the anti-communist right led by Senator Joseph McCarthy attacked progressives in the government over “Who lost China?”  In 2020, will a major issue in the presidential election campaign be “Who’s soft on China?” Regardless, […]