Trump, Pompeo, and Bolton

Is War with Iran on the Horizon?

The Trump administration seems bent on regime change and war with Iran. Using harsh, hyperbolic and often absurd rhetoric, the Trump, Bolton, and Pompeo trio continue to tighten sanctions, deploy additional military forces, and threaten war. They have learned nothing from past US military blunders—not  […]

Code Pink

Hands Off Venezuela!

This year, Venezuela has faced a US-backed coup attempt, severe economic sanctions, millions in aid to opposition forces, and threats of military intervention. The country continues to resist US pressure for regime change and private seizure of its oil and other natural resources. Juan Guaidó, […]

Nika Elugardo

Prepare to Testify for Peace!

As our nine peace and justice bills move through the Massachusetts Legislature, peace activists across the state should be prepared to advocate vigorously for their passage. These bills, developed by the Mass. Peace and Justice Network and sympathetic state legislators, represent an ambitious effort to […]

MAPA members march at the walk for hunger

Raytheon a No-Show at Walk for Hunger

Raytheon, headquartered here in Massachusetts, is one of the largest arms manufacturers in the world. They supply thousands of bombs and sophisticated weapons to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, an absolute monarchy whose four-year war on the country of Yemen has created the worst starvation […]

Brian Garvey

Brian Garvey Joins MAPA Staff

We’d like to introduce our members to Mass. Peace Action’s new full-time organizer, Brian Garvey, who began work in late March of this year. Brian first started volunteering with MAPA in March of 2018 when he joined us at MIT to protest the visit of […]